Review: Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition[3DS]

This was the only game that really stood out to me as ‘instant buy’. Being a Street Fighter fan for over 10 years, I was extremely impressed with Capcom’s port over to the 3DS. Actually, it isn’t even a port. The full game has remained intact in this handheld version. The game has awesome graphics, though, not as good as the console versions (PS3 and XBox 360), but certainly a big upgrade over original DS graphics. Just like the home version of the game, you will also gain points and rank up.

The 3D effects are pretty good but with the 3D effects on, the game runs at 30 frames per second. If you turn 3D off (in the game menu, not the slider), it will be playable at 60 FPS. 60 FPS is only available via single player mode. The game plays at 30 FPS online, whether 2D or 3D. It adds a little wow factor to the presentation and makes good use of the 3D capabilities.

I haven’t used any of the Street Pass stuff so I’m not sure how that all works really.

The controls are pretty good. They are customizable, and there’s the extra “buttons” that can be mapped to the touch screen (4 available). You can make these character specific as well, mapping special moves and ultras to the touch screen if you want. So, as you may have guessed, the game can get kind of…ridiculous… if you map special moves and ultras to the touch screen. In online gameplay, however, you can opt to search by Lite control method (touch screen supers, specials, and ultras allowed), or Pro mode only. Pro mode can still use the touch screen, but only for punch and kick. So far, I’ve run into one guy that is a Ryu hadouken spammer. All he did was hadouken, clearly using the touch screen. I beat him in every fight out of the 5 or 6 we had. In the very last match, I used Sagat and spammed the crap out of him with tiger shot as revenge, taste of his own medicine kind of thing.

Overall, it’s definitely worth picking up for any fighting game fans! It’s so, so close to the home console version. The quick online matching makes it super easy to find opponents online. Graphics are great. Controls are good. Hardcore or casual gamers should get SSFIV 3DE.


  • Great 3D effects
  • Close to home console versions
  • Quick & easy online matching
  • Good controls
  • Replayability


  • Touch screen spammers
  • 3D effects do not enhance gameplay (all for show)

Rating: 8/10

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