Honey Badgers invade NBA Jam

The famous Honey Badgers are coming to NBA Jam: On Fire Edition! That’s right – even if the honey badgers don’t care, you do! You can play as Sleepy, Feisty, and Nasty in this refined version of NBA Jam. Randall, the original voice of the famous Honey Badger video, is narrating your wins and fails on the court. Sounds pretty epic to me!

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition will be available for download on the Playstation Network (10/4) and on Xbox Live Arcade (10/5).

Check out this nassttty video of On Fire featuring the Honey Badgers with Randall voice over.



If you’re thinking, “WTF are Honey Badgers and why don’t they care?”:




I finally got a chance to play this and it was off the heezy! The game was wicked fun, especially with a friend. So, I was looking for the Honey Badgers and was wondering how you unlock the team. I found this brief interview between DimeMag.com and Jeff Appleby (NBA Jam’s product manager) which answered my question:

Dime: So the question everyone is wondering: What do you have to do to unlock it?

JA: The progression in the game is how you unlock the new characters. JAM Bucks are both your XP and your “cash.” You can use it to level up and gain access to cool stuff in the JAM Store. Put in some time to get to level 20 and you will unlock The Honey Badgers. Once you’ve saved up 15,000 JAM Bucks, you can purchase the Honey Badger team and see what type of damage you can create with Feisty,Sleepy and Nasty, our three loveable yet menacing honey badgers. Take them online and wreak havoc across the world.

Check out the full interview with Jeff Appleby.

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