Super Mario 3D Land

Get pumped, Mario fans! We are nearing the Nov. 13th release date of Super Mario 3D Land! SM 3D Land reinvents the old, classic Mario game with a true 3D environment. It will feature new levels, power-ups, and enemies. The beloved Tanooki suit is confirmed to return.

Here is some gameplay info from Mario Wiki:

The levels of Super Mario 3D Land are much more linear and compact than the other 3D titles, more along the lines of the side-scrolling games. Levels have a time limit and even feature flagpoles, a staple of the original Super Mario Bros. and the New Super Mario Bros. games, rather than Power Stars, as the level goals. When Mario is defeated, the “Too Bad” banner from every 3D Mario platformer since Super Mario Sunshine is displayed, but a circle covers the screen instead of a Bowser face. To enter pipes, the player must press the button. The graphics of the game greatly resemble those of the Super Mario Galaxy games, while the levels show visual similarities to the New Super Mario Bros.

While giving examples of how the Nintendo 3DS enhances gameplay, Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that hitting blocks from underneath in 3D Mario games would be easier with stereoscopic 3D.[5] Blocks will be more prevalent in the title, unlike past 3D games, where blocks were more few and far between. Star Coins that have a similar design to the Comet Medals from Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be found in each level, with collecting all three being part of the level’s challenge, like in the New Super Mario Bros. games.[6] Checkpoint Flags and green Timers can be picked up to give the player more time to complete the level, the latter a mechanic only seen previously in Super Mario Galaxy 2’s Speedy Comet missions.[7]

Mario himself returns with some of his trademark 3D abilities, such as the Wall Jump, Long Jump, and Ground Pound, and is now capable of performing a somersault, which is done by crouching while moving. Because the Long Jump is now performed through a somersault, it includes a front flip during the jump, but is functionally identical. Mario’s health system is now based on the side-scrolling titles rather than being a numbered meter: one hit shrinks Mario to a smaller size and removes his cap, while power-ups give him an extra health point. These power-ups include the Super Mushroom, the Fire Flower, the Star, and the Super Leaf, the last of which has not been seen since Super Mario Bros. 3. Notably, the Fire Flower, unlike its previous 3D appearances in Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel, no longer has a time limit imposed on it and is retained until Mario is hit, as in the side-scrolling games.

There are at least two returning tracks from Super Mario Galaxy: the Airship theme[8] and the Sweet Sweet Galaxy theme[9]. There are also at least two tracks returning from Super Mario Galaxy 2: the Peewee Piranha boss theme and the theme used on Bonus Planets. The “tick-tock” that is heard when a timed Ground Pound Switch in the Super Mario Galaxy series is activated is used for when a P-Switch has been jumped on.

Check back on Nintendo’s Official Super Mario 3D Land site for any upcoming details and info.

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