iOS: How to download official PUBG mobile on iPhone

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS on mobile has been released in China! Here’s how you can start battling your way through 100 players to the top:

1) Sign out of your app store Apple ID account

  • VERY important to do this first step so you don’t risk locking yourself out of your original Apple ID account

2) Create a brand new Chinese Apple ID

  • Go to
  • Use a real email address that you can access (you’ll get a verification code later to use)
  • Make sure you select “China” as your country
  • Fill out the rest of the form (password, security questions, etc)

3) Sign into the app store with your new Chinese Apple ID

  • You will be asked to provide billing information here
  • Select “none” as the payment
  • Use a fake address generator to get a billing address to use
  • You will receive verification code in the email before proceeding

4) Search for “pubg” in the app store

 5) Download the Timi studios app

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